The Stephanic Codes

The following codes shall govern the land of Eileana’Reult, her citizens at home and abroad, and all her territories.

Section 1.  Citizenship


Citizens are entitled to vote in general elections.  Citizens may be denied a ballot if it is properly determined that they are an animated corpse at the time.  


The healers of Eileana’Reult will be funded by donations and public monies.  No citizen or non-citizen shall suffer prolonged injury due to lack of coin.  All citizens and non-citizens shall be healed to the best ability of the healers available.  The Consulate has great faith in the ability of Eileana’Reult healers, due to the proven scientific effectiveness of magic, etc, etc.

Jury Duty.

All citizens may be called to jury duty at any time.  The wage for jury duty is one silver.  Drinks, trinkets of interest, and boat rides may be offered in place of one silver; all citizens have the right to decline non-monetary payment if that is their preference.

Public Holidays.

 The Feast of Reultar. The fall campout in October marks the departure of Siar, Searach and Deas from Eileana’Reult in a field outside of Old Beinnrigh.  All citizens are invited to feast and celebrate.  

Stephensday.  The event following the spring campout marks the celebration of Stephen Siarson, Aasimar healer and political activist who lived as a humble nun for eleven years before becoming High Consul.  On Stephensday, men dress in women’s garb and women dress in men’s.  Festivities and victuals are provided by the High Consul.

Wages of Civil Servants

Eileana’Reult civil servants will be paid a wage of fifteen silver per event, paid at the turn of the season.  An additional fifteen silver will be paid for per land search or non-peaceful military encounter.  Mercenaries will be paid between five and ten silver per land search or non-peaceful military encounter, depending on the prowess of the mercenary.  Noble mercenaries may be paid up to twenty five silver per event.

Section 2.   Protected Persons.


The Eileana’Reult border patrol and homeland peacekeeping force will not recruit by conscription or by debtor’s prison, unless the High Consul so decides, e.g. that Eileana’Reult is menaced or at war.

Debt Limits.  All debts reset on the Spring Equinox.  It is recommended that no person or entity be advanced on credit more than a year’s wages.  


The Consulate officially recognizes the tribal, gypsy, and long-time wandering folk of Eileana’Reult as citizens.  Gypsies are known by their red belts.  The gypsy population may vote if they care to and may serve in the military at mercenary wages.  Gypsies who shed Eileana’Reult colors and fight for another country or guild for profit shall not be considered treasonous unless they take up arms against Eileana’Reult.


Tieflings are to be treated with the same respect and afforded all the same rights as Eileana’Reult citizens.  Tieflings may not be denied access to marketplaces based on their race, nor be forced to sit in the back of the boat, nor be made to use different public facilities.  Discriminators will be cited to the Consulate for review and re-education.  

Section 3. Offenses.

The following are crimes codified according to severity and shall be judged by the Consulate, High Consul, or other Consul members as deemed appropriate.


Treason.  Seeking to bring harm to Eileana’Reult or to its citizens is considered high treason and is the severest of all crimes.  Additionally, the High Consul finds it personally distasteful.

Slavery and/or indentured servitude.  The sale or purchase of persons, with or without their consent, is not permitted in Eileana’Reult.  Please see persons as defined in the Declaration of Abolition of 573.  Additionally, the High Consul finds it personally distasteful.

Premeditated and malicious murder, or the purchase of services thereof.  Premeditated murder is a violation of the natural order and is unrighteous.  Additionally, the High Consul finds it personally distasteful.

Bribery and blackmail, esp. of civil servants.  It is illegal both to bribe and accept bribes.  Decent and law abiding citizens in possession of absolutely verifiable scandalous information should sell it to the newspaper, as the holy Reultar intended.


Arson.  Citizens wishing to burn their own possessions may do so without committing arson, given that they are careful not to violate Code 3 Section 4d.  Citizens who burn the possessions of others will be guilty of arson and will be punished accordingly.  When there is a dispute regarding the true ownership of said possessions, the High Consul advises citizens refrain from setting anything on fire.  

Robbery or Larceny of Less than 3 Gold.  The theft of less than three gold implies that the victim had less than three gold to begin with, at least on his or her person.  It is cruel and malicious to steal from those who have little, unless they are dead at the time.

Religious intolerance.  Eileanans are free to worship as they please, so long as their worship does not impede the worship of others.  Religious intolerance shall not be tolerated.


Perjury.  Telling the truth in court is expected and the only acceptable practice.  There will almost always be a judge available who can cast truth speak, so citizens who lie in court and are caught in the act are exceptionally incompetent and shall be judged accordingly.

Larceny of More than 3 Gold.  The theft of less than three gold implies the victim potentially is a wealthy or powerful person.  Citizens who steal from wealthy or powerful people and are apprehended are incompetent and foolish, unless the victim was dead at the time.

Professional thievery.  Professional thievery is only illegal if the thief is apprehended within a fortnight.  Professional thieves who are apprehended are both law-breakers and incompetent.

Professional assassination.  Professional assassination is only illegal if the assassin is apprehended within a fortnight.  Professional assassins who are apprehended are both law-breakers and incompetent.


Public disturbances.  Disturbing the peace is rude and not permitted, and violators shall be judged as is appropriate for the time and place, at the discretion of the Consulate.  The High Consul has granted Saint Negrodaimus immunity to Section 4a and hopes that he will use his immunity wisely.

Accidental murder.  Accidental murder is an occupational hazard of existing within the realm of ORCS, but killing another accidentally is still very rude.  Violators shall be judged accordingly.

Reckless wounding.  Reckless wounding is an occupational hazard of existing with the realm of ORCS, but wounding another accidentally is still very rude.  Citizens who recklessly wound must apologize and see their unwitting victim returned to full health.  Hit-and-flee instances shall be judged more severely. 

Pollution.    Eileana’Reult is a friend of the land and sea.  Those who do significant damage to the land or sea, be it in ignorance or with deliberate ill will, shall be publicly denounced and punished in turn.  Some violations may also qualify for punishment under Code 3 Section 1a or Code 3 Section 2a.

The codes described in this document shall govern Eileana’Reult as of the last day of the seventh month of the fifteenth year, common era.  I, High Consul Stephen Siarson, do so lay my hand to this document and shall verily make it so.

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